2011/2012 Edition

Click below to view or download the 2011/2012 Edition of AGORA: the CNERS SA Undergraduate Journal.

2011/2012 Edition

Table of Contents:

Select an Article from the 2011/2012 publication (in pdf format):

  1. From Ashur to Anatolia: The Merchant Middle-Men of Anatolia by Nick Kraus
  2. The Pythia’s Agency in Producing Responses at Delphi by Clara Bischoff
  3. You, Patroclus: The Effect of Apostrophe on the Sympathetic Reception of Patroclus by Odessa Cadieux-Rey
  4. Country Bumpkin or Noble Peasant:Rusticity in Virgil’s Eclogue II By Genie MacLeod
  5. Death as an Art Form in Ancient Egypt By Erin Coward
  6. From Pyramid to Coffin Texts By Caroline Arbuckle
  7. Incest in Ancient Egypt By Ashley Jones
  8. Matter and Evil in Sethian Gnosticism by Amber Jacob

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