How to Submit Papers

To submit an article for consideration, please email your paper in a word document attachment to with “Journal Submission” as the subject heading. Please see the guidelines below before submitting.

Submission Guidlines

1. All papers must be written by students or alumni of the University of British Columbia; however, the writers can be from any department.

2. A student currently in their undergraduate years (even if it is their second + degree) may submit any paper, whether it be written for a class or not, as long as it concerns one or more of the following topics: Classical, Near Eastern, or Religious Studies. This includes Literature, Art History, Archaeology, Ancient History, Linguistics, Cultural Studies, or other. If you are uncertain whether a subject could be considered acceptable, please contact

3. A student or alumni who is no longer in their undergraduate years may submit a paper only if it was submitted for a class during their undergraduate degree. The course number and teaching professor’s name must be included with this submission.

4. A graduate student enrolled in an undergraduate class may not submit a paper submitted for this class. They may only submit papers which meet guideline 3 above.

5. Papers can follow any form for citations; however, plagiarism will not be tolerated. Any paper which includes plagiarism will be removed from the journal, and no work from this student will be considered for the paper in future years. Our definition of plagiarism is that used by UBC, stated below and found on the UBC website here.

Plagiarism: This includes but is not limited to the presentation or submission of the work of another person, without citation or credits, as the student’s own work.

6. Papers cannot exceed 5,000 words, but may be any word length below 5,000 words.

7. Students may submit up to two papers per academic year to the journal, though only one paper per student per year can be selected.

For any further questions regarding submissions, please contact


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